Vicar Game

Instruction manual, 12pp. With accompanying online feedback form. Shown at FOUND Festival, Abbotsford Convent, Melbourne, Australia, May 2014.


Panpsychic Household Solutions

Life-art activities and educational workshop (How Mental Illness Can Improve Your Life, Seventh Gallery, Melbourne, Australia, February 2013). Assorted documentation:

Introduction to project

Workshop documentation

3rd visit to Carolyn’s house (photographs and notes)

Visit to Trish’s house (photographs and notes)

Visit to Alanna’s house (photographs and notes)

 The Feeling of Here

Solo exhibition at The Stables Studio Gallery, East Malvern, Australia, June 2012.

The content is irrelevant

3 drawings, shown at Kings A.R.I, Melbourne, Australia, June 2011.


Solo exhibition at Off the Kerb, Melbourne, Australia, 2010.