My name is Kit Riley. I am a human who lives in regional Victoria, Australia. I make art, crafts, essays, poems, and enquiries into the nature of being. My interests include cats, dreams, conspiracy theorists, magic, robots, philosophy, and television programs featuring oddball detectives. I am alive in a sensory universe. I am an autistic person who tries to make the world a better place for other autistic persons, and, by extension, persons in general.

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Essays & poems

I write about neurodiversity and mental health. I write about dreams and shifting realities. I am usually more interested in dismantling stories than in telling them.

Zines & drawings

I make obsessively detailed pencil and ink drawings. I don’t always know what the drawings are about. Sometimes I publish my drawings as zines. Sometimes I publish my writing as zines.

Art & life

I conduct long-term life-art experiments. Most of them involve searching for new ways to communicate and/or new beings with whom to communicate.