A project about the materiality of invisible rays.

I carry about with me a small web server and wireless access point, which broadcasts the name of an open wifi network to anyone physically near to me. Connecting to the network will not allow you to access the internet, but it will allow you to access a secret, ultra-local extranet.

A copy of the information contained on my server is also posted on the internet, but the location of this copy will only be revealed to people who can access the broadcast I have shared on my invisible rays.

The first iteration of this project was called Nonhuman Stereo Network, and took place in January 2017 at Testing Grounds. The hardware I used for this iteration was a Raspberry Pi 2.

The second iteration of this project is fluid and ongoing. It could be anywhere I am, which is mostly in central Victoria and Melbourne. The hardware I am currently using is a PocketC.H.I.P.

A colour photograph of a Raspberry Pi hidden in a VHS cassette, connected to a portable battery. There is a smartphone which displays the webpage hosted on the Raspberry Pi. All three items are sitting on a rug with stylised red and yellow floral patterns on it.

wobbly venn diagram showing an area of sound at the intersection of two areas of noise